2011 Riesling

2011 Riesling


Our 2011 riesling is 50/50 blend of rieslings from our two favorite sources for this noble variety.  The Bradley Vineyard here in Elkton has a cool, coastal maritime climate and the Red Hill Vineyard 25 miles east of Elkton at 1300’ elevation has a more continental type climate.  Overall, 2011 was a very cool vintage in the Umpqua Valley.  On the plus side, it was also a very late vintage, with the weather cooperating for a long, dry, late fall and long hang time.  Bradley was harvested November 3 and Red Hill November 11.  The fruit was beautiful, the flavors great and the sugars low.  All of the elements came together to allow us to produce a very racy riesling with low alcohol and bracing acidity.   

The aroma of this wine is white peach, nectarine pit and apple blossoms.  There is a slate, wet earth minerality lurking around the edges.  With opening and air the wine also starts to develop some forest notes and pine bough scents.  The flavors emphasize the stone fruits and minerality with a waxy honeycomb attack that fades into the bright acids and tangy finish.  That finish goes on and on, keeping you with a nice pleasant pucker to compliment the initial sweet sensation.    

You could wash down a lot of sushi with this wine, or pair with lighter pork or poultry preparations.  The bit of sweetness and acidity of riesling makes it especially suitable to foil rich, oily salmon simply prepared. 

Portland Monthly #2 Top 50 Oregon Wines! 

Production:  808 cases
Alcohol:  10.6%ABV
Total Acidity:  11.4g/L
pH:  3.08
Residual Sugar:  2.3%

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