2014 Love Puppets Pinot Noir

2014 Love Puppets Pinot Noir


The winter of 2013-2014 saw the coldest temperatures in quite some time, with more days below freezing than average.  Then spring arrived and everything flipped to warmer than average.  This led to an early bud break.  The season continued warm and dry, but we were spared any significant heat spikes.  All events were early, including harvest, beginning on September 11 and for our red wines, ending October 3.   Love Puppets is a composition emphasizing our most desirable pinot lots from dry farmed vineyards.  The northern reach of the Umpqua Valley is cooler and the soils are typically heavier clays than those found further south.  We believe dry farmed vineyards produce more concentrated fruit, better expressing their sense of place.  So, what you will find in your glass is a marriage of our favorite places including our own Estate.    

The color is a lovely, I don’t know what else to call it, burgundy.  The fruit aromas emphasize cooler climate pinot noir notes of blueberries, pomegranate and tart cherries.  The bouquet is an herb garden framed by tea roses with that background of bright fruits.  The flavors continue with ample blueberry notes followed by cherry pie and allspice.  The mouthfeel is medium full with pleasing texture and a zingy cleansing finish, displaying the ample crisp acidity.  As the wine warms, you will begin to find some French oak barrel influence with vanilla, cinnamon and clove notes both in the bouquet and flavors. 

 This wine’s acidity will allow great service with fatty terrines, glazed salmon, and soft robust cheeses.

Production:232 cases


Total Acidity:6.6g/L


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