2014 Treats Riesling

2014 Treats Riesling


In the warm 2014 vintage we were offered an opportunity that we had not had before. The Bradley Vineyard, one of our most prized sources since 2002, was able to ripen riesling to a degree of sugar that we had not experienced. So, for the first time, we were able to make a naturally sweet style riesling. The wine is a shimmering light gold in color. The wine has aromas of sweet summer blossoms, honeysuckle and jasmine, with ripe quince, apricot and banana notes. The flavors are a full on rendition of all of these delightful aromas. The wine is very full and lush, but tempered and balanced by ample acidity. The mouth feel is very long and sustained by the combinations of the richness and the acids.

Dishes with both sweet and savory flavors will work very well with this wine. Pork glazed with honey and soy, or chicken satay, should give you some ideas. The wine is versatile enough that it could be used with asiago, gruyere, or gouda for an aperitif at the beginning of the meal, or for a light dessert at the end.

Production:  369 cases
Alcohol:  11%ABV
Total Acidity:  10.2g/L
pH:  3.08
Residual Sugar:  7.9%

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