2016 Bench Lands Pinot Noir

2016 Bench Lands Pinot Noir


Our Bench Lands is a blended pinot noir utilizing fruit from several different vineyards, all growing along benches of the Umpqua River. Within these vineyards we have selected blocks and clonal types that work well together in this harmoniousblend. ThesesoilsareverydiversemixesofalluviumsdepositedalongtheUmpqua,originatinginthe threemountainrangesthatencirclethisrivervalley,theKlamath-Siskiyous,theCascadesandtheCoastRange. These are well drained sandy and gravelly soils.

Thewineisadeepgarnetincolor. Thearomasleapingfromtheglassareaheadycombinationofredandbluefruits, dark skinned cherries, blueberries and raspberry. There is a pleasing element of toast and spice that complements the fruitaromas. Theflavorscombinethesefruitcharacterswithabitofwarmoakspiceandamouthfillingimpressionof skin tannins, well integrated with the fruit and the overall suppleness of the wine. The acidity keeps the wine fresh and appealing. A very pleasing experience for your senses that lingers on and on.

This wine has the fruit and tannins to compliment grilled salmon and enough backbone to stand up to BBQed ribs.

Production: 2500 cases

Alcohol: 14.2%

Total Acidity: 5.6g/L

pH: 3.66

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