2017 Coastal Cuvee, White Wine Blend

2017 Coastal Cuvee, White Wine Blend


We put this blend together to delight your senses, to give you what we feel are the best attributes of each component of the blend, and to experiment with the interplay between them.  The blend is composed of gewurztraminer, riesling, pinot gris and sauvignon blanc.  When trying the blend with our focus groups, all made comments about the sea and the crisp spray of the ocean, mixing with the earthiness of the shoreline.  So, Coastal Cuvee was born.  The wine is a shimmering pale yellow, with golden and green highlights.  The aromas that first strike you come from the spicy gewurztraminer, then the floral contributions of riesling with green apple from the gris and finally the herbal, citrus notes of the sauvignon blanc make themselves known.  This harmonious combination is echoed in the flavors of this wine.  The wine has a hint of sweetness upon entry, that is well balanced by the long crisp and tangy finish.  Just plain delicious and fun, fun, fun.  We crafted this wine for pure hedonistic enjoyment.

872 cases bottled March 2018 

13.1% Alcohol by Volume 


7.5g/L TA 




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