2017 Scarlet Cuvee, Rose of Pinot Noir

2017 Scarlet Cuvee, Rose of Pinot Noir


We make our rose by using the traditional saignee method, from the French “to bleed.”  This is a technique to remove some juice from the vat of destemmed grapes.   For us this means taking a very small proportion of juice from many different pinot noir lots, “bleeding” the fermenters after two days of skin contact, before the conversion of sugar to alcohol begins.  In this way, our rose of pinot noir always represents a snapshot of our entire vintage.  The wine is then fermented in stainless steel barrels.  This wine has a lovely salmon, tinged with pink color.  The aromas summon thoughts of the first warm summer days with scents of strawberries, raspberries and wildflowers.  In the mouth, the strawberry fruit is complimented by flavors of pomegranate and bing cherries.  The wine has vibrant acidity that enlivens your palate.  There is a pleasant tingly mouthfeel that goes on and on.   Don’t let this pink wine fool you, this is a bone dry, serious rose.  Enjoy this wine chilled with savory cheese dishes, fresh fruits, ham sandwiches, Salad Nicoise or just sip by itself and add enjoyment to your beautiful day.

239 cases bottled March 2018 

13.5% Alcohol by Volume   


7.0g/L TA  


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